With the Internet serving as a primary source of information, it’s essential to have a comprehensive and capable web presence in place. Website interfaces must be able to connect users to your organization in a clear and coherent manner.

Syntax offers user-friendly custom-designed websites, built and maintained by us, but controlled by you in collaboration with our team. No knowledge of HTML is needed to fully take advantage of our proprietary Content Management System (CMS), which enables clients to make most changes to their websites simply themselves.

Many prospective clients consider hiring companies that offer pre-existing templates to choose from, resulting in a stale, undynamic web presence. Syntax only offers customized sites, ensuring that your unique brand and web-based needs are optimized.

Standard features of our CMS include a simple Word-like page content editor and a secure system that allows administrators to allocate access and security permissions on an individual basis. The creation of new pages and navigation manipulation is relatively simple and stress-free.

Our web services are all about simplicity. We offer one core package that serves as a basis for a completely effective website solution, including:

  • Custom homepage and subpage design
  • Organization and creation of website
  • Writing and photography, where necessary for certain content areas
  • All standard school content areas: import and/or creation
  • Hosting and security with extensive redundancy
  • Plus, an array of valuable built-in applications: dynamic calendar, searchable staff directory, form creator, district news archive, e-blast, slideshows, etc.
  • Board of Education Tool: includes a file cabinet, calendar and secure login
  • Personnel Tool: includes content area, calendar, and file cabinet
  • Syntax Video Module: dedicated video portal (space limitations apply)

All of these features are available to you in our turnkey website solution.

Our Webmaster Service
Our competitors offer you website templates; we offer you complete solutions. Significant to this is our Webmaster Service. While most clients will have a number of approved users to maintain certain content areas, backstopping the entirety of the website usually falls to someone who cannot be on top of the site on a regular basis. That’s where we come in. Syntax will perform as much or as little of your 24/7 updates and clean-ups as you require. Our account executives and web staff audit your site on a regular basis, ensuring accuracy and currency of content.

You have a website but Syntax did not create it? Not a problem. We manage the sites of clients who still maintain relationships with other providers.

Hosting, Security, Maintenance and Training

The hosting of our CMS and your site is in partnership with a reputable third party that has worked with Syntax for several years. Multiple data centers and state-of-the-art cloud computing resources on virtual machines ensure the reliable delivery of your mission critical website. Enterprise Backup uses advanced, disk-based technology to provide both remote and local backup to one of the geographically diverse data centers. Feel confident your critical information is “always there” for rapid data recovery in the event of a system-impacting event or disaster. Replication offers the ability to bring systems back online in less than one hour in the case of catastrophic disaster. On-premises site and the recovery site stay in sync through reliable data replication facilitated by VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM 5) – delivering an Always On cloud backup solution.

Our CMS is akin to an evolving organic entity. We are constantly adding features, making updates, improving security, and otherwise growing its efficiency and usefulness. Maintaining our CMS means we are maintaining your website’s effectiveness and utility.

Remote ongoing training is provided to all of our clients, as is phone and web-based support. All are provided at no additional cost to the client.

Syntax is, of course, a recognized e-rate provider, and clients will be reimbursed a certain portion of their hosting costs.

Social Media Integration

Syntax will create, integrate and manage your social media presence in tandem with your complete website solution. Facebook pages and Twitter feeds are managed in conjunction with our Webmaster Service by our web staff, or separately by our account executives within the context of the broader client relationship.